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Fritz and Sheila fritzandsheila at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 10:23:15 EST 2013

Thank you Steve for the nice summary. Regarding blue jays, at my home here in the East Haddam woods they have definitely declined over the last several years, but they appear to be making a comeback. Last few winters we had singles or a few during the GBBC, but this year there were over 20 (all at once) - typical of pre-decline numbers. This was more individuals than other species, except modos, which have followed a similar trend, but were back up to 21 during the GBBC.
Interesting that winter wrens were widespread, during the Salmon River count we were happy to find one, and actually SEE it!
During the CBC, we met a home owner who swears she had a red-headed woodpecker at the feeder the day before (they had a good bird guide and were adamant it was not a red-belly). Sadly it did not appear while we were there....
We were surprised to find the sole Salmon River pine warbler just sitting on a branch in another home owner's backyard, where he has many feeders out and lives next to a large wetland.  We stood only about 20 feet from it.

Harold Moritz
fritzandsheila at pobox.com

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