[CT Birds] ROUGH GROUSE Sightings

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Fri Mar 8 00:25:08 EST 2013

Ntl. Audubon Soc. Christmas Bird Counts for the State of CT.
Results of  ROUGH GROUSE  Sightings in 10 year increments :

1973 - Grouse counted-252, observers-842 

1983 - Grouse counted-198, observers-755 

1993 - Grouse counted-66, observers-788 

2003 - Grouse counted-8, observers-855 

2012 - Grouse counted-4, observers-694 

Only 4 Grouse counted for this years CBC count for the State of CT– and they are 
still on the States Hunting list? They need our help! Please call your State rep 
and tell them to take this declining bird off the States list of accepted hunted 
game birds! 4 birds seen in the entire State covered by 694 people birding the 
whole day is just unacceptable! 
40 years ago – 252 Grouse, this year 4 – Why can't our State see, and do 
something about this???

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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