[CT Birds] Color-banded Kestrel sightings wanted

Brian Kleinman snaketat at cox.net
Fri Mar 8 09:26:04 EST 2013

Here¹s another one for you:


Wanted: Color Banded American Kestrel Sightings! Tom Sayers, a kestrel
researcher from eastern Connecticut, initiated a project this spring that
uses colored leg bands to identify American kestrels that nested or hatched
in Connecticut. This year, he has banded 18 adult kestrels and over 100
young birds. The color bands, depending on the pattern, can be found either
on the right leg, left leg, or both legs. Each color combination represents
a unique nest box in his study area. If you see a kestrel with color bands
on its legs, please email Tom at sayers.tom at gmail.com. Include the date and
time of your observation, the location (closest road junction or GPS
coordinates), the color scheme of the bands, as well as your contact
information. Observations of these raptors are an important part of this
study to determine where the birds travel and to identify which birds return
to Connecticut next spring to breed.

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