[CT Birds] State response to Rough Grouse

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Fri Mar 8 16:30:29 EST 2013

I just called the State DEEP and talked to Mike Gregonis on the welfare of Rough 
Grouse here in CT, and he told me the following...

"Their are more than hunters that take Grouse here in CT. And that bird that is 
taken by a hunter will most likely be taken by a natural predator anyway." 

 Well this says to me - the State has determined that hunters have as much right 
to take that Grouse as a natural predator does, its going to die one way or the 
other anyway! This is our States answer to the dwindling population numbers of 
Grouse here in our State at present. I for one could not believe what I heard. I 
hope you do not as well. 

This is not a hunting issue, it is one of common sense and the right and will to 
let and help a declining State species to possibly regain some ground in 
population numbers by saving the few that are left to breed. If not, we could 
loose them as a State species altogether. But apparently, the remaining Grouse 
are going to die anyway from natural predation, so let the hunters do their 

Bird watchers and all the peoples of our State also have the right for a chance 
to at least see this vanishing bird, But as of now, hunters have much more 
rights to shoot one than the rest of us have at that chance to just see one. 
  If you disagree with the way our State is handling this situation with our 
dwindling Grouse numbers, please leave a message to:
 the State of CT Wildlife manager - Rick Jacobson at - rick.jacobson at ct.gov

If you are as outraged as I, Please mention you believe the Ruffed Grouse should 
be taken OFF our States Hunting list to help the species regain their population 
numbers in our State.

Thank you - Paul Carrier

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