[CT Birds] State response to Rough Grouse

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Patrick makes a very good point. And I'm not a hunter nor have I ever hunted
Ruffed Grouse, except with binoculars that is! And in an ideal world I would
very much prefer that no avian species be hunted by humans anywhere on the
planet. However, habitat management is the only way we are going to increase
the population in CT, or even just avoid extirpation in CT. We may well
already at the point that Ruffed Grouse recovery in CT will require
importation of birds from outside our state. Take Northern Bobwhite as an
example. Many Bobwhite are released each year for hunting. Now I know many
of these birds are less than savvy when it comes to being in the wild, but
if there was abundant habitat some of these birds would establish
themselves. But there is precious little habitat for them currently in CT. I
believe Bobwhite require a habitat mix that is a bit more complex than
Ruffed Grouse, but the successional habitat is needed by both. In order to
have the best chance of a successful recovery program for Ruffed Grouse
there needs to be the largest possible human community interested in making
it happen. That really means trying to get a coalition of birders,
conservation groups, and hunters, (as a minimum) to influence legislatures
to bring funding to bear in a time when virtually all funding is shrinking.
Not easy, as Patrick well knows. I for one am happy we have people such as
Patrick (and many others) working towards such goals. In a political
environment of ever increasing partisanship and devaluation of scientific
research, we have many challenges that can only be properly addressed by
trying to build consensus. 

Dave Provencher

Naturally New England

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