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Sat Mar 9 22:00:49 EST 2013

To Patricks post

I agree with you and the State saying their is not enough habitat today in CT 
for a healthy population of Grouse, but does that mean their is NO favorable 
habitat now in CT? I can show anyone some very favorable habitat here in the NW 
corner, and i see other places as well all over the State. My argument is - If 
we do not protect the Grouse from being shot that we now have in out State in 
short supply, where will the birds be coming from to occupy these and the future 
favorable areas we hear so much about?
I understand about the other birds that depend on similar Habitat that we are 
loosing fast here in CT who are also dropping in numbers, like Prairie Warblers, 
Golden w Warblers and others. BUT - we also DO NOT SHOOT THEM as they are 
struggling to come back ! Why is the situation different for the Ruffed Grouse?

Common sense says to me and many others, that Habitat is very important, but to 
allow hunting of this bird while it is in such low numbers now, is so counter 
productive in helping it survive till and when more suitable habitat is 
available. And i argue that I see and actively bird some very favorable habitat 
in the Barkhamsted and Hartland areas that have few if any Grouse there now, but 
of the ones I do see, I want them to be there to breed and become healthy enough 
to re populate these areas in healthy numbers once again. Why does our State not 
even address this issue to help them, instead of saying- "they are eventually 
going to die from predators anyway, So why curtail hunting them?" I see it as 
one of two choices:

Keep allowing shooting of what we still have remaining here in low numbers in 
CT-for whatever reason,
Or - Put a temporary ban on shooting to help them build their numbers up so 
their will be some left to colonize the favorable now and up coming habitat.

To me its a no brainer - and if you think this as well, please contact the 
States Wildlife Director at - (rick.jacobson at ct.gov) and tell him to take the 
Ruffed Grouse off our States hunting list!

Paul Carrier  

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