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Just to clarify, for NOSers who have not been following the discussion on the ctbirds list, I did not write that birders do not support bird conservation.  My points were (a) that the level and type of support has been insufficient to reverse population declines, which I consider the key goal of bird conservation, and (b) that the level of support to many state agencies is small compared to that received from hunters, and that this influences how much say the birding community has over what those agencies do.  As Tricia points out, the wildlife conservation stamp idea that has been circulating for a while has potential to be a partial solution to the problem.

OK, I'll stop clogging up the e-waves before the list moderators clamp down on me ...

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      Is anyone involved or aware of the project to create a National Wildlife Conservation Stamp based on the same idea as the Duck Stamp?  This would be something not specifically associated with hunters and would seem to be a response to Chris Elphick's complaint of lack of support from the birding community.  I find that I'm overwhelmed with requests to join or contribute to general organisations such as WWF, Nature Conservancy, etc, but would like to be more focused with where my limited $$$ are spent. It also seems a way to attract some financial support from the general public who might be willing to make a one time contribution rather than affiliate with a particular organisation and be overwhelmed with follow-up emails or snail mail?

Tricia ReidMansfield Center
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