[CT Birds] Birdwatchers do contribute...

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 11 10:50:11 EDT 2013

I must say, it seems the tide of thought I see suggested here is that Bird 
watchers do little, compared to hunters, in helping to save and conserve prime 
habitat lands. This is just not true. First, Hunters are required to purchase 
the Duck Stamp, which yes is a great program. But I know many birdwatchers, 
including myself, who purchase Duck Stamps as well. 
But along with birders who purchase federal Duck Stamps, we also contribute to 
many other conservation programs. Nature Conservancy is just one, and a 
wonderful program to contribute to, and they save many prime habitat in this 
country. And many birdwatchers i know also contribute to this organization as 
well as many others. So to say hunters contribute more than birdwatchers or 
naturalists is, to me, a very misleading statement. We as naturalists and 
birdwatchers do not need to prove ourselves in the fact that we contribute and 
help, we just naturally do it.
Paul Carrier 

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