[CT Birds] Long Beach West, Stratford, flagged sanderling

charles barnard jr chbarnjr at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 14:49:12 EDT 2013

No rarities this morning, but there was a Sanderling which had a lime
(pale) green flag on its' upper left leg with code J4N. The lower right leg
had a standard metal band. I submitted the information to "bandedbirds.org,"but
it was a somewhat complicated process and I am not sure my information was
sent properly. I hope that I get some kind of information in return as to
where and when the bird was originally flagged and any other subsequent

There were about 150 Sanderling and 200 Dunlin present. I could not
relocate the gull which has been causing all the discussion, nor was a
Piping Plover there this morning. Many gulls feeding in a line far

Charlie Barnard Jr.

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