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Chris Elphick elphick at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 11 20:35:49 EDT 2013

OK, I know I promised not to drag this discussion out, but some legitimate questions have been asked and since I'm a geeky science type I felt the need to track down some actual data so ensure that what I was saying held up to scrutiny.  

This analysis is very simplistic but I think it provides some context for the discussion.  Based on the numbers I found, the state of CT currently gets 64 times more money from taxes on hunting supplies than it does from all Duck Stamp money.  Although many birders buy Duck Stamps (I have one in my pocket), I think it's reasonable to assume that most are probably bought by hunters.  But even if we're generous and assume that birders buy, say, half of them, we're still contributing well under 1% of the money available to the state wildlife agency.

Yes, we do contribute to other organizations as well (as do hunters - think DU, which is probably the best funded conservation organization in North America) - and that is fantastic.  But this conversation began with a focus on the state agencies, and I think the facts strongly support the idea that most of the money they receive for conservation comes from hunters.


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