[CT Birds] Northern Harrier, Silver Sands

VALERY MELNIKOW valery51 at optimum.net
Fri Mar 15 01:17:18 EDT 2013

val melnikov. 03/14. 16:07. Silver Sands Park. Where rd. from pound 
meets access rd at stop sign. Northern Harrier was floating about on 
other side of fence. as I turned right to leave park it floated over 
fence and was directly on my left. I paced it for a couple of hundred 
meters. At times it was no more than 5 to 10 m from my window. 
Effortlessly sailing and soaring in the breeze diving to mere inches 
from the ground. I found myself cheering his flight. I trust no one 
heard me whooping encouragement to a bird. On a more prosaic note about 
a dozen Green Wing Teal behind Milford Audubon.

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