[CT Birds] GWFG - Simsbury

Brian Kleinman snaketat at cox.net
Fri Mar 15 10:10:41 EDT 2013

Doug¹s goose on Ironhorse Blvd. is indeed a Greater White-fronted of the
Greenland subspecies (Anser frontalis flavirostris).  The Greenland-type is
a bit bulkier than the North American-type and as you can see in the pic¹s
that this bird also has a larger bill and a thick-necked appearance which is
also indicative of the Greeland-type.  I asked Doug to send me some pic¹s,
which were distant but large enough in that I could enlarge them to see the
identifying marks on this bird.  I¹ve posted them on my flickr account for
those of you that are interested:



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