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Robley - They were talking about the Elfin Woods Warbler in Puerto  Rico.
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About  two weeks ago the NewYorkTimes had an article on the species, bird
and  animal, that are now candidates for federal protection under a new
go-ahead  program.  Among those pictured is the "elf wood-warbler," a small
gray  streaked bird.  Have I missed something in my American bird books?
For  one thing, we do not have wood-warblers here.  European bird books  do
not list this..  I wonder if it is a scam of the kind set up to  vilify
Acorn two years ago, when a couple claimed support for a  prostitution ring
they asked Acorn to fund, thereby exposing the liberal  organization as one
not to be trusted.  Anyone know anything about the  "elf wood-warbler"?
Robley Evans  North  Stonington
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