[CT Birds] Woodbridge gardens Woodcock-yes

Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Sun Mar 17 20:10:26 EDT 2013

3/17  Woodbridge Gardens
At 7:18PM, Judy Moore and I saw and heard an American Woodcock in the
Woodbridge Community Gardens. It was at the pathway by a
white "town of Woodbridge" plastic garbage can, in front of a blue tarp.
As it "peented", it pushed its head back (Judy's observation) and opened
its bill.  It continued the peenting for a few minutes then flew up towards
the moon, until we couldn't see it anymore.  Then it came down again and
began peenting again.  There was definitely a second one peenting, but we
observed only one.  When we left at 7:30PM, we still heard the peenting.
Thank you to Jesse Caron for posting the siting.
Beverly Propen, Orange

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