[CT Birds] Clever Raven

Russ Smiley arsmiley at comcast.net
Sun Mar 17 21:16:45 EDT 2013

I've written before about a raven in town that I observed removing morsels
from a dumpster. It waited until no one at a gas station nearby was looking,
then dove into the dumpster, quickly flew out, and hid its treasures in a
nearby spot outside of the dumpster. This afternoon as I drove into town, I
saw a raven glide across the center of town, and land atop the peak of a
small commercial building. From there it flew across the street to the
gutter of a nearby multistory building.  It flew back to the small building
with what looked like a piece of bread. I parked beside the small building
and took photos of it tearing at what looked like a breaded chicken cutlet.
Evidently the gutter is its secret larder.

Russ Smiley

Marlborough, CT

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