[CT Birds] CTBirds Digest, Vol 2212, Issue 4-- MONKS

Donna Caporaso donnacap at aol.com
Mon Mar 18 19:33:47 EDT 2013

The past few days I've had between 8 and 12 Monks in my yard plus there are two active nests in Stratford.  In a tree at the corner of Stratford Road and Washington Parkway and on a pole with a transformer on 2nd Avenue near the corner of Ocean Avenue.  Compared to pre-Sandy I would say Stratford's Monk population was down but it looks like it is picking back up.

Also I've consistently have had the following at my feeders :
Red Breasted Nut Hatch (1)
Tuft Titmouse (2-4)
Chickadees (6)
Juncos (5 to 10)
Cardinals (5 males, 6 females)
Red Winged Black Bird (1)
Starlings (have returned) (8-12)
Grackles (6 to 15!)
Song Sparrows (3 to 4)
House Sparrows (too many at times to count)
Pigeons (down to about 5, neighbor has seen big bird eating them which I guess is neighborhood Red Tail and/or Sharpie)
Mourning Doves (5 to 9)
Blue Jays (2)
Mocking Bird (2)
Monks (8 to 12)

The Titmouse, RBNH and Chickdees are enjoyable to watch at my 2nd floor kitchen window feeder and the when I leave sunflower seed on the window ledge the Cardinals have become comfortable sitting there while I have my tea.

I was quite surprised to see two Gulls in my yard the other morning!  While I see them flying around the neighborhood and sitting on the occassional roof nearby, I don't recall ever having one in my yard.  Nice treat!  I think they came for the popcorn I put out.

Donna Caporaso
Stratford, CT

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Hello everyone, I haven't seen the Monk Parakeets lately. Have any of you 
spotted a flock? Thanks

Donna Caporaso
Stratford, CT


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