[CT Birds] Rusty's, Fox and Redpoll

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>From Carol and Jim Zipp
03/19/13 - Hamden Yard - 10 Rusty Blackbirds, 6 Common Redpoll and 3 Fox 

Personal observation on Red-shouldered Hawks.  Speaking specifically for myself 
and of the general New Haven area, Red-shouldered Hawks have become dramatically 
more common over the last 30+ years. Back in the 70's and early 80's I could go 
years without finding a nest while today it's a relatively easy task.  I used to 
scour perfect habitat in wet woods and be thrilled to find even one during 
nesting season.  Today they are yard nesting birds.  I pass at least 4 breeding 
pair just on my way to work and that's less than 4 miles.  I have people coming 
into the shop with photos of them sitting on their deck railings and swing sets 
etc commonly.  For whatever reason they seemed to have adapted well. 


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