[CT Birds] Red-tailed hawk sitting on bluebird box - Washington, CT

John D Babington davewb07 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 23 09:44:20 EDT 2013

Got up this AM (Saturday, 23 March 2013) to do a bit of breakfast "Feeder Watch" for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It was interesting to see a red-tailed hawk sitting on top of one of the blue birds boxes below the house and then to see two male bluebirds in the area. Got to get those bluebird boxes cleaned out.

David W Babington
Washington, CT

PS - Hope the meeting in Middletown goes well. To much driving this week for me to get and go to Middletown today. My best to all and especially to Steve Kress, "Mr. Atlantic Puffin" guy.

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