[CT Birds] Redpoll lament

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 23 09:54:51 EDT 2013

Don't mean to sound unappreciative, but, would you Redpolls please leave?

You have been here eating my niger since January now, and with it supposedly
being spring here, all i see and feel is snow, snow flurries and abnormally cold 
days and nights.
I (we) all need a break from our winter, and every morning when I look out and 
 6 to 30 Redpoll, you just remind me of how spring is still so far away. So for 
me anyway, 
could you please move on? Your now showing brighter color which means you should
be thinking of breeding, not getting fat on all my expensive Niger! 
I'd appreciate it if you would all leave now, and please take this cold weather 
that you all like so much with you - 

Thanks - Paul Carrier, Harwinton CT

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