[CT Birds] neat stuff

VALERY MELNIKOW valery51 at optimum.net
Tue Mar 26 00:57:00 EDT 2013

val melnikov, 03/25. Walnut Beach. 15:00 Male Ring Pheasant in 
underbrush. 16:55 Charles Wheeler boat launch Winter Wren singing his 
brains out. WAIT! theres more. 16:13 Audubon Milford parking lot, 
looking to north and west. As if on signal waterfowl of every 
description just took off. Canadas, mallards, black ducks, even mergys. 
The sky was swirling with birds. I could discern no reason for the 
sudden takeoffs, no loud noises, no boats thru the creeks, nothing. The 
Geschwader headed out to the south and west towards Stratford Point. 
Made my day.

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