[CT Birds] Bullock's Update!

jayne.neville at cox.net jayne.neville at cox.net
Tue Mar 26 07:57:27 EDT 2013

CT Birders, Sarah and Deb,

The Oriole is very much improved! He took a bath yesterday and has started to do the all - so- familiar - to - me chatter! Puts a big smile on my face to hear him as I didn't expect to see or hear an oriole for another month! He has other birds in rehab for company and I am sure that has helped with the stress of capture and confinement.  I am delighted to care for the bird and watch it's recovery! 

For anyone that has visited the sanctuary in the summer months, they can surely attest to the oriole numbers that are present here!  I remember as orioles were flying back and forth all around us, asking Dave Provencher who was visiting if he had seen any orioles yet with a smile on my face! I have spent may years working on habitat and feeders to attract these wonderful birds!

Will post some pictures soon on Facebook and the website!


Jayne Neville
Mount Vernon Songbird Sanctuary

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