[CT Birds] Frozen Bluejay Entree

Jim Meinhold jmeinhol at optonline.net
Tue Mar 26 14:59:03 EDT 2013

Several years ago, I went out to our gazebo in the early Spring to cleanup and
found a dead catbird clinging to one of the metal leg supports of a patio chair.
I assumed it had just died as it had perched of natural causes.

Jim Meinhold
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A friend just sent me some pix he took in his backyard of a Bluejay.  The bird
was dead, frozen solid, and hanging upside down by one foot either frozen or
rigor mortised to a branch.  The pictures are pretty remarkable; sorry I can't
figures out how to post them here.  Has anyone seen anything like this?  Does
anyone have any theories?

- Jason
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