[CT Birds] woodcocks

Ricki Soucy rickisoucy at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 28 20:30:11 EDT 2013

Normally go to Veterans Park in Wallingford to see woodcocks displaying, but now I won't have to.  Had 2 male woodcocks displaying and peenting in my backyard around 7:45 this evening.  Our backyard is mostly tilled vegetable garden, with the area the birds were displaying currently boggy and weedy with last years asparagus stalks.  Considering I've never seen woodcocks in Hubbard Park before, having them in my backyard is pretty amazing.  They won't stay around, because in a couple of weeks my husband will be rototilling the garden and the boggy area will dry up.  If I hadn't gone out to retrieve the feeders from the neighborhood raccoons, I wouldn't have even known the woodcocks were out there.
Ricki Soucy
Barberry Lane

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