[CT Birds] Thank U 4 Teal Pics & Discussion

Dan Rottino rottino at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 29 06:24:06 EDT 2013

First of all, Thank you to Patrice for bringing this interesting situation to everyone's attention.  Thank You to everyone who sent me pics and posted them as well.  Apparently there are two drakes with one less developed in plumage, and of course that one deserves more scrutiny.  I learned much as well.  There is much variation among intergrades to be aware of, especially since we are not as familiar with them as with the standards.  After looking at over 100 Pics of GWT & EGWTs & Intergrades I have seen enough.  One thing that helped me was to compare the Eurasian to the GWT when, as luck would have it, they swam side by side.  The waterfowl at this location keep shifting around as there is  much suitable habitat in the backlands so good birding Patrice for spotting something out of the ordinary.

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