[CT Birds] In regards to Keith's description

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 29 18:14:46 EDT 2013

In regards to Keith's description of black and white while viewing a bird. I to 
as an artist
have learned to see things beyond the colors of what you are seeing. Light plays 
many tricks
on us, and most views of birds we see are almost always different. In the 
outdoors, light is 
always changing. Changing direction, intensity, direct or ambient, and also 
where your bird is
located within this changing light habitat. These facts can play an important 
role in us seeing
exactly what we think we are seeing. Case in point...

Several days ago, I was driving around Litchfield birding and just getting out 
in the rare day
of beautiful sunlight. I happened to see a very white raptor circling above the 
field, and my
blood and heart began to race! Instantly I was thinking - Gyrfalcon? or maybe a 
day Barn Owl?

I jumped out of the car and got the nocks on it. Wow! I was seeing a very 
Illuminated white underside
of an adult Red-tailed Hawk! It appears the sun reflecting up off the snow on 
the field to the 
underside of this hawk made it look bright white all over! 
I know; I should have assumed it a Gyr and drove on............ Paul Carrier  

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