[CT Birds] What is wrong with us ?

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Fri Mar 29 18:38:04 EDT 2013

Just a short word about Marks - What is wrong with us ?

He mentions one thing that has ever increased in me through the years, and that 
is - 
Take the effort and try to find your own birds. Not that this is being anti 
social, but it is
also fun and personally rewarding as well. As a beginner I was always with 
others or
a group, and for good reason. I got to see new areas for birds, i got to listen 
to the guide
describe songs and field marks etc as well. Another words, I was open to 
learning as much
as I could about this wonderful activity called birding. 

As I got more efficient at identifying the birds and their songs, i found 
birding occasionally alone
was also a wonderful experience. We all eventually grow in our knowledge of the 
birds we love
so much, and time spend birding alone can also be very rewarding. I take great 
joy in finding
birds by myself, and occasionally a good one is found. I will often report the 
good ones here, but
rarely on some occasions, I tend to not report. I believe it is best to make 
your own choice as
to report or not to. Why? Because only you can or should be responsible for any 
that might happen to the bird, the habitat or respect of the land owners 
property. I believe this
is a responsibility that only we can judge on.

Just my opinion - Paul Carrier 

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