[CT Birds] Boston Hollow, Ashford, Miscellaneous, 3/30/13

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Sun Mar 31 08:44:52 EDT 2013

I went back to Boston Hollow yesterday morning to take more pictures of the 
 tracks I had seen the day before, this time with a ruler for scale. They 
had  melted out considerably since I was first there, but for what it's 
worth, the  pictures are below. 
The pictures: Friday I took those pictures around 2:30 in the  afternoon 
and the sun was hitting the area of the tracks. In order to make  decent 
pictures for purposes of ID I only had to increase the contrast a little  and get 
the exposure right. 
Saturday morning I was there about 9 AM and the area was in deep  shade. As 
a result the pictures came out bright blue and difficult to see well.  I 
have corrected them, in some cases, as well as possible, but I've left a few  
as is so you can see the original.

Anyone good at ID'ing feet?  Give it a shot here:
Saturday Morning I didn't spend too much time, but I had 7 RED-BREASTED  
NUTHATCHES! I saw 6 of them, 3 pairs and heard the 7th (Probably 8 actually, 
as  they are almost always in pairs, similar to White-breasted). And I didn't 
even  stop at the house with the feeders, where I know there are 2 pairs. 
RBNU live in the area year round and, of course, breed there. Still, there  
seems to be an exceptional number this year. A few pictures here :
I also had 2 BROWN CREEPERS, one I both saw and heard, the other heard  
only. Both their song and call note (really the first note of the song)  is  
very distinctive. Interestingly, the song of the bird singing yesterday  
matches almost perfectly with  recordings I've made there, but the song in  the 
Stokes bird song collection is quite different, same pattern but much  
slower. I know my recordings are typical of every Creeper I've heard in this  
state, but I wonder if that is atypical of the overall population. I originally  
recorded the song because I didn't know what bird it was, and the 
difference was  enough that it took me a while to realize it was a Brown Creeper.
I found one additional WINTER WREN, this one at last year's nesting  
location of a pair that fledged 5 chicks, which I was lucky enough to observe  
several times as they foraged along the steep slope of the Hollow. So at least  
three birds are already on station there now. 
Once again I saw a single Common Raven, but I could hear answering calls  
coming from or very close to the location of last year's nest, so I'm sure 
the  pair is back and probably on the nest. Local resident tells me they have 
been  seeing them for 6 weeks.
Don Morgan

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