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Sun Mar 31 20:35:57 EDT 2013

>From Robert Dixon
3/31/13 -  Sterling - yard / feeders - 36 species - PINE SISKIN (41) continue for the 182nd consecutive day, also FOX SPARROW and TREE SWALLOW (foy).
Just added up my receipts for the peak bird feeding months (October 1st 2012 thru March 31st 2013) and birds at our feeders consumed 3,139 lbs. of seed and suet! A few of the highlights during this period were, Pine Siskins everyday with a high count of 119, Evening Grosbeak (7), Common Redpoll, Fox Sparrow, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Eastern Towhee, Purple Finch (highest count at feeders was 19,  best fall I can remember for this species in the yard) and Yellow-headed Blackbird (4 different birds). 

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