[CT Birds] Spring birds- Madison, Guilford and Branford

paul wolter pwolter6 at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 31 21:08:48 EDT 2013

3/30/13 Branford, Branford Supply Ponds. 9 Ring-necked Duck, 5 Wood Duck.
3/31/13 Branford, Linden Shore/Long Island Sound. 5 American Oystercatcher. Greater Scaup numbers much reduced since last weekend.
3/31/13 Branford, Stony Creek Trolley Trail. 4 Snowy Egrets feeding on fish stranded in a tidal pool, 2 American Oystercatcher.

3/31/13 Madison, Hammonasset Beach SP. 1 Piping Plover, 2 Tree Swallow, 4 Osprey.
3/31/13 Guilford, Sachem's Head Road marsh. 2 Lesser Yellowlegs, 4 Greater Yellowlegs, many Green-winged Teal.
3/31/13 Guilford, Shell beach marsh, 4 Blue-winged Teal, many Green-winged Teal.

Paul Wolter

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