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Mon Apr 1 21:28:45 EDT 2013

Hi Everyone : 

Today, as promised, i spoke to the Senior Site Engineer/Contractor for the Travelers Tower restoration project and the Public Relations/Website Web Cam media coordinator. The news is disappointing but here it is for what it's worth: 

First from the Website coordinator/Corp Communications Director: 


Thank you for reaching out regarding the FalconCam at the Travelers Tower. We are committed to maintaining the project, but the webcams have been taken offline temporarily to allow for maintenance on the East section of the Tower. The project entails replacing and restoring much of the stonework on the Tower, including the ledge area where the falcons have traditionally nested. 

Last year, in consultation with the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection and the Children’s Museum of Connecticut, we moved the nest box onto the roof of the Travelers Plaza Building located across the street from the Travelers Tower. 

We have been observing the nest box on the Plaza Building and if the falcon decides to nest, we will update the website ( http://falconcam.travelers.com/ ) as regularly as possible. 


Kevin J DeBisschop 

The Travelers Companies, Inc. 

and from the Si te Engi neer/Project Manager: 


Based on where we are today, the work ahead and not knowing what we will find in the line of unforeseen repairs when we reach the top of the Tower… I would say completion will be clos e to 2 nd Quarter 2015… 

Thanks, Tony 

Tony Padelskas | Senior Project Manager 
CBRE | Global Corporate Services 

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