[CT Birds] Piping Plover Rpt, 4/4/13, Mlf Pt, Spectors

Stephen Spector charsjs at sbcglobal.net
Thu Apr 4 21:09:23 EDT 2013

Piping Plover Rpt, 4/4/13, Mlf Pt, Spectors
3:15-4:14 PM, low-mid tide (low at 1:11 PM) sunny, light breeze, 46 degrees

Piping Plover: 7-8 adults

Vast amounts of beach, land exposed because of near low tide.  Hard to find PIPL 
because they were using the entire width of Cedar Beach.  We found a few at the 
Cedar Beach water's edge, a few very far up the beach near houses.  Also one 
PIPL was at the water's edge very far east on the beach.  We witnessed two 
separate PIPLs calling on the beach, but we observed no direct courting 
behaviors.  While today was somewhat warmer and quite a bit calmer than the last 
few days, there was not much interaction.
Overall, we counted 4-5 birds on Cedar Beach.

We went out the Francis Street Spit and when we reached the end of the N/S 
section we spotted 3 PIPL foraging on the mudflat west of the spit.  Found no 
other PIPL.

Incidentally, yesterday (4/3/13) the New Haven Bird Club First wednesday walk 
was at Milford Point, and we located 7 PIPL then (but the group did not go onto 
Cedar Beach)

Other shorebirds: two pair of AMOY.

Other note: no PIPL at E Broadway yet.

Trash Pile and assorted junk on spit (old tire, siding, etc) needs removal

 charsjs at sbcglobal.net

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