[CT Birds] Migration forecast

Dan Rottino rottino at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 7 04:37:11 EDT 2013

Thank you Roy for posting the blog link.  I pretty much reached the same conclusion that not much was happening in the northeast yesterday.  I hit a number of hotspots inland  with quite a dirth of winged creatures to report.  I was a little disappointed for my first ever visit to Station 43 with the  only notable bird being a Wilson's Snipe, and no fresh migrants.  I think it is due to the cooler weather pattern we have been experiencing lately.  Also, there are few pools of water for shorebirds that migrate inland, but there is now substantial rain in this week's forecast, so that will be rectified.      I also compared checklists for a NW CT hotspot for multiple species and found a number of them are two weeks behind- or were they a week or two early last year?  One of my yard birds is late for sure so I know migration is running late.  I'm hoping it explodes soon.  Let the trickle turn into a cascade.

Dan Rottino

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