[CT Birds] Owls Out and About

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 8 22:06:33 EDT 2013

Last night in Hamden,  at dusk, I was jogging (ie, being as stealthy as say, Godzilla or King Kong), when a Gray phase Screech Owl waited till I was about to pass and then sounded its mono-pitch tremolo.  It was in the lip of a long tree cavity of indeterminate depth, and just a few feet away.  A cheering fan!

This evening, well before dark, I was driving in a residential neighborhood of the city of Milford [Hint:  all 26 square miles of Milford is residential] when a large, round-winged, round-headed raptor, flapping majestically, slowly, went overhead, past the car windshield. It was carrying a rodent and landed in a backyard tree.  I stopped briefly to admire a beautiful suburban Barred Owl.

These "tame" owl behaviors are what one may expect in the western and southern US, not in New England!

Steve Mayo

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