[CT Birds] Darien Osprey Update

Tina and Peter Green petermgreen at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 9 14:44:57 EDT 2013

I just spoke with the CT representative from US Fish and Wildlife regarding the Ospreys and the Darien Police headquarters cell tower nest. He informed me that the police department decided to cease shooting off shell crackers, probably due to all the negative press and phone calls. The regional office of US Fish and Wildlife will be contacting the Darien police department as well.The nest is almost complete and it is possible the birds could be sitting on eggs by the end of the week. US Fish and Wildlife is committed to protecting the Osprey and will encourage Darien to explore other solutions in the future. As far as USFWS knows, there is no evidence that having an Osprey nest on the police cell tower causes any interference with their communications. Darien's complaints were the droppings and fish heads. Not a reason to harass the birds according to the rep and certainly not in my mind either!  

I suggest they embrace the Ospreys choosing to nest on their cell tower and make lemonade out lemons. Here's an opportunity to educate their residents and how about a fundraiser for the police department - have residents name the birds, guess how many eggs and young Osprey will fledge. I am sure there are many creative folks that can come up with even better ideas than myself.

For your information, the USFWS rep told me that Northeast Utilities is committed to working with the public and USFWS in protecting nesting birds near or on their utility poles or towers. I informed him that the CT birding community does not want to have a combative relationship with anyone regarding bird activity of any kind. We are simply concerned citizens!

Thanks to all who were motivated to act in a peaceful and thoughtful way.

Tina Green
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