[CT Birds] Redding: Singing LA Waterthrush, Hermit Thrush and Winter Wrens

charles barnard jr chbarnjr at gmail.com
Sat Apr 13 16:31:05 EDT 2013

No rarities, but it was nice to hear singing from a Louisiana Waterthrush,
a Hermit Thrush and Winter Wrens as they sang along the upper stretches of
the Saugatuck River, beyond the northern end of the Saugatuck Reservoir in
Redding. The male Winter Wren was observed displaying on a rock outcropping
in a hemlock ravine, as well as singing in flight. Shorty thereafter, the
male and female mated.

Interestingly, to me at least, was the fact that both the male and female
were singing. The male had been singing loudly from about 30 yards higher
up the ravine than the female. When I heard the female sing (a similar
song, but softer), I thought at first that it was a rival male contesting
territory. However, the male flew down the ravine and sang while in flight.
Then, it sang from a ledge outcrop within a yard of the second bird, which
was no longer singing.  The male was holding its wings out and quivering
them. Then the second bird hopped up on a log.  It started quivering its'
wings as well. This was followed by copulation.

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