[CT Birds] manchest, wh and more

Jonah Cohen jonahc at cox.net
Sun Apr 14 13:29:26 EDT 2013

In case anyone didn't see it, here's the op-ed in today's Hartford Courant from Ct Audubon:

Yesterday, more weirdness involving Red-tailed Hawks. Two of the were circling low over The Children's Museum in West hartford. Nothing new there. What was weird was that this provoked no response, even when a big one landed in a tree in the courtyard. Every other time I've ever seen the hawks get close to the museum, dozens of grackles have mobbed them with extreme prejudice. Not this time. The grackles remained sitting in their trees, doing nothing. Possibly because they haven't yet nested and there's no babies to defend?

This morning (4/14) at the Laurel Marsh Trail in Manchester: Palm Warbler, Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher, Kestrel, lots of Wood Duck, Phoebe, and a couple of procrastinating White-Throated Sparrows. The best part was fairlt far down trhe trail, where there's a small platform overlooking the stream and flats. Several dozen swallows - Tree, Rough-winged and Barn - were zipping around, oblivious to me, sometimes swooping pretty close as they went by. Terrific naked-eye looks.

Still couldn't locate that Connecticut Warbler,
Jonah Cohen

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