[CT Birds] Hamden Eagles - Some Ground Rules

Mike Horn mfhorn at att.net
Sun Apr 14 14:59:12 EDT 2013

Hi Folks - Re: The Nesting Eagles above the RR tracks on State St in Hamden,
Please pass on the following Rules: Anyone can park and view from Proto
Tires Side Lot. Stay out of business traffic. These people are very nice
about the whole thing. Do Not Park at W B Mason Warehouse except after 6:00
PM weekdays. Do not ever park on the side of the road especially the RR side
unless you are fond of tickets..and..especially..do not think of crossing
the RR tracks on foot. The Amtrak Police will arrest you if the catch you
and most of all you will disturb the Eagles. The seeing is better from the
Proto tire side of the street anyway. The birds continue to do well but
watching them sit on eggs is like watching paint dry. Mike and Pat Horn -

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