[CT Birds] Nehantic State Forest birds

David Provencher davidprovencher at sbcglobal.net
Sat Apr 20 17:20:41 EDT 2013

12 mile hike around midday in Lyme Unit of Nehantic State Forest. Most birds
around forest road. Notables among the usual;


Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (9)

Yellow-rumped Warbler (15+)

Louisiana Waterthrush (3)

Palm Warbler (3)

Pine Warbler (7)

Black-and-white Warbler (3)

Eastern Towhee (2)

Swamp Sparrow (1 in new location, the usual spots are still lacking them)


Most interesting was a second year Broad-winged Hawk that was perched about
15 feet up directly over forest road. The young bird totally ignored
vehicles passing underneath it and I was even able to stop under it and open
my moon-roof for a point blank view (albeit from an unusual angle.) Also
moved a smallish (approx. 12 inches) Snapping Turtle off the forest road.
Gnats were fairly numerous and infuriating today.


Dave Provencher

Naturally New England


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