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Correction...Nesting Herons are Yellow Crowned

Donna Caporaso
Stratford, CT


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	Stratford Birds
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Today I walked from Long Beach to the old Pleasure Beach bridge looking not only 
for birds but sea glass.  Just after turning the corner at the breakwaters and 
heading toward the bridge I noticed in the high tide line 1000's and 1000's of 
dead lady bugs.  There were some with spots, some without, some with fewer or 
more spots.  I couldn't find any alive.  I couldn't find any green plant life in 
the immediate area to look for live ones either. I took photos and brought home 
some dead ones in a jar.  I have never seen anything like this before.  Has 
anyone else?  Any ideas why the mass death and why I only found them along the 
high tide mark?  The area  along that stretch of beach had a strong gasoline 
smell all the way to the bridge.  

On a more happy note - I watched a pair of Osprey go from the first and second 
platform.  One game to the nest with a fish (I assume the male) and the female 
flew off to other nest with him in chase.    I also saw two Piping Plovers 
utilizing the fenced in area.  Three female Boat Tail Grackles and one male in a 
small pool just before the Osprey nests on the gut side.  A flicker in the holey 
tree next to the burnt tree.

The marshes at the Warehouse on Long Beach Blvd had Am. Gold Finch, Palm 
Warbler, Hermit Thrush, Flicker, 3 Kinglets, 2 Savannah Sparrows, Kestrel, Great 
and Snowy Egrets, Harrier, Yellow Legs, Eastern Phoebe, 5 Rough winged swallows 
with one barn Swallow,  usual Starlings and Robins, 1 WIld Turkey in a tree 
which I thought was an owl from a distance LOL.  And high up in the trees of the 
small dirt lot were two warblers - I'm not sure what - either black and white or 
blue and white and the other greenish/yellow.  Also heard two birds calling back 
and forth to each other I couldn't find.  The call was a tweeeeeettttttt zzz d d 
d d.  

Elm Street has two pairs of nesting Black Crown Night Herons  (how do the 
eggs/babies not fall out of those sparse twig nests?).  And there was a lot of 
Monk Parakeet activity at Shakespeare Theatre. 

Donna Caporaso

Stratford, CT


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