[CT Birds] Odd Hammo Gull

David F Provencher david.f.provencher at dom.com
Tue Apr 23 14:08:18 EDT 2013

Not saying it is John but those field marks are in the realm of California Gull.


David Provencher

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I went up to Hammo at around 11:00am. I was looking for the Lesser Black-backed Gull that Keith Mueller reported in the West Beach parking lot. 
I spotted a gull in the parking lot that I initially thought was the bird. It's feathers were wet (or damaged) which made the ID a bit difficult. It appeared to have a darker mantle. It was darker than the nearby herring gulls and probably dark enough for lesser black backed. It had a white unstreaked head. It had some red on the lower mandible and some black on both the upper and lower mandible. The problem was that its legs were an odd color. They were a sort of grey-yellow. They were not bright yellow. They were not pink either. I never got a great look at the underwings in flight. I also did not get any photos. I later emailed Keith Mueller who sent me photos of the Lesser black-backed gull that he found yesterday. That bird has bright yellow legs and was clearly a LBBG.
I am not sure what I saw. It may just be an odd herring gull, but it may also be a herring x lesser black backed (Patrick's Gull). 
John Oshlick 

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