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Wed Apr 24 19:20:18 EDT 2013

Birders: The Central Park Effect
Sunday, April 28, 2:00-3:30 p.m.
Blackstone Memorial Library, Branford

It’s springtime in New York City, and the city’s biggest park is hosting a community of several hundred birders. As the birders describe their passion, the pleasure they derive from the birds is both contagious and poignant. To a birder, finding a feathered friend is like a celebrity sighting. Scientists call the concentration of birds funneling into this oasis of nature amid a sea of steel and cement the Central Park Effect.
Central Park is a magnet for millions of birds who need a rest stop as they migrate along the Eastern Seaboard twice a year, in spring and fall. While this migration is a dangerous process, during which millions of birds die each year, many survivors remember stopovers in the fall and return to the Park, where devoted birders await them.

The film series is cosponsored by Audubon Connecticut.

Central Park Migrants and Audubon’s Aviary at the New York Historical Society
New York City
Saturday May 4, 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Join Menunkatuck, Naugatuck Valley AS, and Audubon Greenwich at Central Park for a morning walk with “Birding Bob” DeCandido looking for spring migrants. The Park is a major attraction for neotropical migrants, and our walk through the Rambles is sure to feature great views of many warblers as well as tanagers, orioles, and thrushes.
Following lunch, we will go to the New York Historical Society for a guided tour of Audubon watercolors. The trilogy Audubon’s Aviary: The Complete Flock is a once-in-a-lifetime series that will explore the evolution of Audubon’s dazzling watercolors in the order in which they were engraved. Over three years (2013–2015) Audubon’s Aviary will feature all 474 stunning avian watercolors by Audubon in the collection. Engaging state-of-the-art media installations will provide a deeper understanding of the connection between art and nature.
We will be taking the Metro North 6:53 a.m. train from New Haven, arrive at Grand Central at 8:44, and take a bus or the subway to Central Park, arriving around 9:30. We will bird for about three hours, have lunch at the Boathouse, and then go to the NYHS. The return time to New Haven is open. Cost for the trip is $10 for the bird walk plus train fare, lunch, admission to the NYHS, and any other personal expenses.
Pre-registration is required. To register for this trip, please email nina at menunkatuck.org or visit the Field Trips registration form on the calendar page of our website at http://www.menunkatuck.org/index.php/calendar1/ 

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