[CT Birds] Winter Wren in South Kent

John Johnson john.adele at charter.net
Fri Apr 26 19:59:37 EDT 2013

4/26- Winter Wren in my yard, South Kent Rd.
I have been hearing it since April 1st, and am quite familiar with the call from my time on the Oregon coast,  but didn't want to report it until I laid eyes on it. Finally tracked it down today. This is not only a yard bird for me, but my first for Connecticut. I was somewhat skeptical at first, because our hillside is all ash and maple, not a conifer to be found in his territory. We do have a small, mostly seasonal, stream that he is calling home. We also have a large pile of brush by the stream that I had planned to burn this spring, but never got around to. Guess I won't do it now. I would gladly look at a pile of brush forever if it meant having Winter Wrens around, but I don't know for sure that the brush is what lured him. But at least I can put that job off for another season. Hope he attracts a mate.
Oddly, I have heard Winter Wrens in two other places in Kent since hearing the one in our yard. Are there more around this spring, or am I just finally paying attention?

John Johnson
South Kent

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