[CT Birds] 14 Acre Pond - Norwalk Highlights

Joanne Fasciolo jo.fasciolo at icloud.com
Sun Apr 28 13:26:37 EDT 2013

Several yellow-rumped warbler, 1 palm warbler, 1 hairy woodpecker, 1 red-bellied woodpecker, red-winged blackbirds, house sparrow, grackle, wood ducks, mallards, 1 great blue heron, 1 black crowned night heron, 2 great white egrets, 4 double breasted cormorants, 2 mute swans, 1 bluejay, 1 turkey vulture, tree swallow, northern rough-winged swallow, Canada geese, robin, 1 chipping sparrow,  and a lot of turtles!

Jo Fasciolo

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