[CT Birds] Defense of Greenwich Tod's Point Osprey nest

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Tue Apr 30 18:03:31 EDT 2013

~1:45 pm: Eagle Pond
Ms. Osprey's head was barely visible in the nest, and Mr. O. Hidden in trees nearby. A Cormorant landed in the surrounding pond, diving for fish. Out of nowhere, Mr. O began a repeated diving attack to move the Cormorant further from the island. Finally, it left, and Mr. O went to his overlook perch in the trees nearby, to the East. Within 5 minutes, two Gulls approached, and one got too close to Mr. O's liking, and he attacked again. Pix on http://www.libraphotography.com/osprey-nesting-2013.html . Please help me if possible on the gull type. My recognition of gull types is still in it's infancy. I think it is a Great Black Backed?

It was thought that last year a gull  may have gotten into the nest as no chicks were fledged. Hope they can be better guards this year.

Also, 1 snowy egret & 1 Parasailer having a great time.

AL Scuterud
Old Greenwich


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