[CT Birds] Big Day 2013!

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Thu May 2 15:25:37 EDT 2013

Hi All,

In 2011, our Big Day Team, the Connecticut Audubon Society’s Raven Luna-ticks√, set the New England Big Day birding record with 192 species. We made the mistake ofmentioning it to the previous record holders, our old World of Series ofBirding teammates from MA, who then went out and beat us by one. We’re gearingup for this year’s run, which will happen sometime between May 18 and 24, and we’veset our sights at 200 species! It’spossible with help from the Connecticut Birding community. 
We're asking everyone for reports of lingeringwaterfowl (Blue and Green-winged Teal, Ring-necked Duck, Bufflehead, Eider, Goldeneye,Long-tailed Duck, Scoters, Scaup, mergansers, etc), Red-throated Loon (Common,too), Great Cormorant, Sora and King Rails, Coot, Common Gallinule, Least and AmericanBittern, C. Nighthawk, Olive-sided and Acadian Flycatcher, Golden-wingedWarbler, White-eyed Vireo, Yellow-breasted Chat, nesting Winter Wren, Juncosand White-throated Sparrows, and reliable sites for Lesser Yellowlegs,Pectoral Sandpiper, Solitary Sandpiper, Red Knot, Whimbrel, and grassland- birdareas are always useful: Active Kestrel Boxes, Meadowlarks, Horned Lark,Grasshopper Sparrow, Vesper Sparrow, Upland Sandpiper (outside the normalHartford area sites), and even Clay-colored Sparrow, Dickcissel, or BlueGrosbeak locations would be welcome. We can always use information on hawk andowl nests; an active Harrier or Barn Owl location would be much appreciated,and we will keep sensitive information confidential. We make every effort notto disturb nesting birds.  We still need Accipiternests, and Broad-winged and Red-shouldered Hawk nests.  
Please send sighting to me at Peeplo at aol.com
Thank you in advance!!  FrankGallo and the rest of the Raven Luna-ticks√ 
This is a fundraiser for the ConnecticutAudubon CoastalCenter, and I’m happy to send pledgeforms to anyone interested in supporting the team and the Coastal Center. 

Life is short. Bird often.

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