[CT Birds] FOY Baltimore Oriole

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sat May 4 11:35:55 EDT 2013

Funny you should ask, Mona,

There's a AYH female fitting around 
in a severely insect damaged Paurotis Palm on the edge of Trinitaria-Pulenque 
(Rte 307) in Lacanja-Chansayado, Chiappas.   When not picking off small insects, she's musing about domestic summer life in a boggy section of Mactaquac Provincial Park just a few clicks east of Stanley, New Brunswick (Canada).  She'll spend considerable time 
drying off in some oaks near a playground in Mullica NJ, after that NE 
12 mph wind and rain finally ends after May 14.  That puts her on River 
Road in Kent 100 meters before the end parking lot at 7:42 am on Wednesday, May 16.  

[Disclaimer:  Any migratory projections made by the author are subject to an indeterminate amount of uncertainty.  Please seriously consider this before wasting gasoline and pursuing any birds.]

Steve Mayo

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Subject: FOY Baltimore Oriole

Just as Steve Mayo predicted yesterday,  my foy Baltimore oriole showed up this morning singing loud and clear!!    Beautiful looks at Such a brilliant male in the sunlight 

Now Steve!

Please let me know when the first yellow bellied flycatcher will show up on the scene.   Still need that little bugger for my life list!   Smile 

Mona Cavallero
West hartford ct 

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