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Thanks so much for posting, Steve.  

I mostly remember O C Marsh in the context of his bitter lifetime battle with the underfunded but equally prolific collector, Edward Drinker Cope.  

'Two of the most fascinating of all of America's experts in prehistoric "ornithology".  

Steve Mayo

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From Steve Broker (Cheshire):
Marsh Botanical Garden is at the intersection of Prospect Street and Hillside Place in New Haven.  The botanical garden is behind Marsh Hall and Greeley Laboratories, part of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.  Marsh Hall is the former home of Othniel Charles Marsh, "pioneer in paleontology", who discovered and described many of your favorite dinosaurs, among many other scientific accomplishments/studies, including:  Cretaceous toothed birds, Jurassic mammals, Native American anthropology, former president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  A visit to Marsh Hall, a beautiful brownstone building, is well worth the time.  Marsh's friend Chief Red Cloud of the Lakota Sioux visited Marsh in New Haven and set up a teepee in the Marsh living room.  Marsh was nephew to philanthropist George Peabody - hence the name Peabody Museum.  When visiting Marsh Botanical Garden, also swing by Grove Street Cemetery in
 New Haven to view Marsh's tombstone, which is absolutely first class.  His biographer, invertebrate paleontologist Charles Schuchert, is right next door, and Reverend James Linsley (author of the first checklist of the birds of Connecticut) is also buried in Grove Street.
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