[CT Birds] Ansonia nature center & racebrook tract

Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Sun May 5 11:09:09 EDT 2013

5/5 Ansonia, Woodbridge
Ansonia nature center  9-10AM
At least 3 Baltimore Orioles singing & seen, a Warbling vireo, Female
Eastern Towhee, 1 late White throated sparrow scratching under feeders
behind nature center, Robins, Common Grackles, Redwinged blackbirds,
mourning doves, 1 Turkey vulture,  house finches, Goldfinches,
Song sparrow, Chipping sparrows, House sparrows, 2Barn swallows, 2 tree
swallows, 1 Mockingbird, Blue jays,  Cardinals, downy woodpecker.
As I was leaving, I bumped in Nancy who mentioned that at Racebrook tract
there were many Blue winged warblers, so I stopped in there after.
Racebrook Tract:  10-10:40AM
As soon as crossed the little bridge, there were at least 4 Blue winged
warblers.  2 Pairs chasing each other through the thickets on the right
side after the bridge, (thank you Nancy) and at least
2 others I heard on the left side, despite lots of dogs being walked;  many
Tree swallows, 2 Phoebes, ovenbird, 2  Housewrens,
Cardinals, blue jays, Common grackles, Goldfinches, Red winged blackbirds,
mourning doves.
Bev Propen, orange

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