[CT Birds] Riddle me this Batman. How can a place be empty and full at once?

VALERY MELNIKOW valery51 at optimum.net
Sun May 5 16:07:18 EDT 2013

val and chris melnikov. 05/05. Fairfield Audubon North St. Arrived to 
find lot full. Paths loaded with parents and (shudder) noisy children. 
no birds came to view. Ankled on down to Birdcraft on Unquowa Rd. lot 
empty place filled with birds. female turkey on path. unconcerned with 
us actually came towards us in a flip and familiar way. Black Crown n 
Heron on rail of walkway over pond. let us come to within 10m of his 
perch. had some new spots at least for us, Golden Wing Warbler,Blackpoll 
Warbler. Yellow Warbler, Goldfinch, Bluegray Gnatcatcher, Tree Swallows. 
Went back to double check on the Blackpoll, it was.

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