[CT Birds] How fortunate we are

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Mon May 6 14:31:25 EDT 2013

How fortunate we are as Humans to not have any predators out there that could 
kill us in an instant at all times. We do not need to be on the alert 24-7 to 
predators out there looking for us as their next meal. This sentiment was what 
experienced today right here in my yard. As I was headed to my seat for a rest 
under the shade of my large Red Cedar tree, I hear a scream just inches above 
head. When I looked up, there, just a foot above me was a male Sharp-shinned 
Hawk who had just grabbed a Titmouse above my head !

As he flew off with his meal, I couldn't help but wonder " Was it me who took 
the attention of this Titmouse away from other dangers such as this hawk, that 
caused the demise of this bird?" It sure seemed so. But-I also know we all must 
eat, and this Sharpie was only doing what he is suppose to be doing, and that 
hunt to survive. 

We as Humans are so luck to be free of the continual constant threat of danger 
from predators that are looking for you as their next meal.....

Paul Carrier - Harwinton 

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